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About the Programmes

The Master's programme in Philosophy is a two-year full-time study programme taught in English. Additionally, it is also possible to study for the research-based PhD in English. 

Master of Arts in Philosophy

The  Master's programme in Philosophy builds on skills and knowledge within philosophy obtained from a relevant BA degree. The Master's programme provides the possibility for training in one of the three following main areas, depending upon the student’s choice: Practical philosophy (ethics, metaethics, applied ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics), theoretical philosophy (epistemology, metaphysics, theory of science, logic and philosophy of language), or history of philosophy (Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Early Modern, and Modern Philosophy).

Within each of these three main areas, we offer clusters of courses focusing on a restricted area, e.g. epistemology within theoretical philosophy. These clusters are called Specializations. Currently only one of them is taught in English, namely Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind.

Read more about the MA specialization in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind

It is also possible to study one or more of the three main areas independently of the themes articulated in the courses connected to the Specializations. In that case, we cannot guarantee that there will always exist a full programme of courses taught in English within each of the three main areas, and the student may thus have to complement courses on offer with written essays supervised individually.

Please consult the curriculum for more detailed information

PhD Programme

In addition to the Master's programme, it is also possible to study for the research-based PhD in English.

More information about the PhD programme at the Faculty of Humanities website