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11 December 2009

Holtug Publishes New Article in Journal of Global Ethics

Nils Holtug publishes new article on equality, priority and global justice.


Derek Parfit has argued that prioritarianism “naturally” has global scope, i.e. naturally applies to everyone, irrespective of his or her particular national, state or other communal affiliation. In that respect, it differs from e.g. egalitarianism. In this article, I critically assess Parfit’s argument. In particular, I argue that it is difficult to draw conclusions about the scope of prioritarianism simply from an inspection of its structure. I also make some suggestions as to what it would take to argue that prioritarianism has either global or merely domestic scope. 

Keywords: prioritarianism; egalitarianism; global justice; cosmopolitanism; Parfit; axiology


Full reference:

Holtug, Nils, "Equality, Priority and Global Justice", Journal of Global Ethics, vol. 5(3), 2009, 173-179.