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04 December 2009

New Report on Ethics in Prevention and Health Promotion

Nils Holtug, Nana Kongsholm, Sune Lægaard and Morten Ebbe Juul Nielsen publish new report on ethics in prevention and health promotion.

The report provides an analysis of important ethical challenges and dilemmas in the area of health promotion and primary prevention. It identifies core issues and presents various interpretations of key moral concepts and values at stake, such as welfare, equality, autonomy, paternalism, stigmatization, etc. The purpose of the publication is to give a synoptic view of the most important issues and stimulate and qualify ethical debate and deliberation among members of its key audience, which includes health care professionals and decision makers.

Full reference:

Holtug, N., N. Kongsholm, S. Lægaard, M.E.J. Nielsen, Etik i forebyggelse og sundhedsfremme, København: Sundhedsstyrelsen 2009, (s. 1-58). Download the report here.