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26 March 2010

Video about Center for Subjectivity Research

Five researchers from the Center for Subjectivity Research introduce various approaches to the center's current primary focus area: The self.
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Dan Zahavi, Professor in Philosophy, dr.phil., Director of Center for Subjectivity Research
Joel Krueger, Postdoctoral researcher, PhD in Philosophy
Josef Parnas, Professor of Psychiatry,
Arne Grøn, Professor of Ethics and Philosophy of Religion, dr.theol.
Claudia Welz, Postdoctoral researcher, PhD i Theology

View the individuel sections:
1. Introduction (Dan Zahavi) - duration: 2:27
2. Self and Consciousness (Joel Krueger) - duration: 3:31
3. Self Disorders (Josef Parnas) - duration: 3:19
4. Self, Emotions and Normativity (1) (Arne Grøn) - duration: 1:21
5. Self, Emotions and Normativity (2) (Claudia Welz) - duration: 1:31
6. Developmental Perspectives on Self (Dan Zahavi) - duration: 2:41